Whatnot Wednesday

Ok - the first question is, "What is Whatnot Wednesday?"  It is pretty simple.  It is a day each week to empty your brain of all the random things that are hanging around in there.  The things that you would blog about but never do.  In my case, it is random things about me, since all my blogging is about Taft and family functions.  Not that that isn't great, because it is the reason that I started to blog, but sometimes I have things going on too.  Since it is MY blog, I think that I can have a day.  ;0
I found Whatnot Wednesday through another blog that I follow and think it is a great idea.  I have been stalking reading others and love the randomness.  I have to say that I am a big fan of random in general.  So - here it goes.

  • Lately I have been making cards.  Not just any cards, but cards for Operation Write Home.  OWH is a group of handmade card makers that send cards to troops overseas.  The cards are for the soldiers to use to write home to their family and friends.  I have never been a cardmaker.  I love the size and how fast I can make them.  I love scrapbooking so I have a lot of supplies just hanging around.  When I scrap, it takes me forever on just one page.  This is fast.  I able to to do card challenges in very little time compared to scrapbooking and I guess that it is just a feeling of accomplishment.  And - it for a great cause.  They have a website that you can see here.  They also have a card making blog
  •  I started a crafting blog.  And a recipe blog.  And a blog about our elf.  I think it was because I loved those little tabs when blogger first gave them to us.  I did well with the elf blog since it is only in December.  The recipe blog is doing okay.  I meant to cook and blog more often but life kinda got in the way.  The main purpose of the crafting blog was to participate in challenges on some very cute sketch blogs.  I just didn't start doing them.  I still have it in the plans.  But for now, it is for kids crafts that I do with Taft and later use on Macaroni Kid, and for the card challenges. 
  • Lately, I have been working on getting a set of inspiration binders up and going.  If you don't know what these are, it is a pretty simple concept.  I love to read magazines but I usually only find one of two recipes/crafts/home projects to try.  Instead of keeping the entire magazine and not remembering why I have it, I just pull the pages out, place them in page protectors, and put them in a 3 ring binder.  I found that Avery now makes a Storage and Store Binder.  So far - I love them.  I plan on having one for each season and then dividing it into holidays.  And of course one for recipes.  I am thinking that themed, patterned cardstock would be great on the front an back so I can spot which one I am looking for in record time.  They will also look pretty cute on a shelf when I finally get the scrap/office finished. 
  • Tales from the Scale.  Not really a tale I want to tell.  I really want to be skinny again but I really like to eat.  I need to sit down and work on a real plan that I can follow through on.  I am horrible at that.  But being 5 foot 2 inches means that one needs to be under 135 pounds.  At least for me it does.  I kinda like the 115 range.  That's 20 pounds.  20 huge, been there for a long time pounds.  I have to work on that.
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  1. Welcome to Whatnot Wednesday!! Glad to have found your blog!


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