Belton Family Visit

Last weekend, Shane's family came to visit.  They got here on Thursday night  after we got home from work and school and Taft was very excited.  In fact, he talked about them coming all week.  He even helped me get Gran's room ready and insisted that he was sleeping with her.

 Taft and Evan enjoyed Gran reading books to them before bedtime and Izzy got in some computer time.
Friday morning I went to work for half a day.  I cooked some pigs in a blanket Thursday night for them to heat up with there yogurt, cereal, and Pop Tarts.  I also put our Five Spice Ribs in the crockpot before leaving the house for our dinner.
The kids all enjoyed the pool every chance that they got (which was hard to get with all the rain we got).  When Taft would take naps, Scott would take Izzy and Evan out to the beach.

 Shelby enjoyed everyone being out at the pool so that she could get some sofa time.
Taft loved taking pictures while his cousins were here too.  He also loved getting Evan to play with him and go with him places.  Poor Evan.  I know that Taft drove him crazy but he just played with him and did what Taft told him too.  He also loved getting Izzy to go to the playroom and eat pretend pizza.  And he came up with his own name for Scott.  He calls him Uncle Daddy.
While Scott and Izzy where out at Wal*Mart one night, they picked Taft a couple of gifts.  One was Toy Story Vitamins.  Taft had made sure that he shared his vitamins each night with Izzy and Evan.  He wanted them to grow up big and strong too.  They also got him a Toy Story flashlight which he loves.  He and Gran used it to make a moon on the ceiling each night while they read in bed.
We have a great time and lots of lazy time at the house. 

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