Taft's Preschool Party

Friday I went to Taft's school to do his birthday party.  He was sick on the day of his birthday so we delayed it a little bit.  He and I were able to find Handy Manny cups, plates, napkins, treat boxes, and goodies at 75% at Party City.  It seems that they are no longer making Handy Manny party supplies.  The man at the store told us that it is just not that popular anymore.  I guess they don't know Taft.  The only problem that we came into was there are no bakeries that make Handy Manny themed cakes anymore.  We didn't have time to go with a custom bakery so I was very lucky to find print your own toppers on etsy for $3.  Taft loved them.

He knew that I was coming back to his school for his party and the teachers said that he was a little upset all day.  He could not understand that I would back after lunch and nap.  He was very happy to see me.  Other random children would come up to me to hug me (they are a friendly sort) and he would get in between us and tell them that I was HIS mommy.  A little jealous I believe. 
Here is a photo of Taft and Miss Alice.  He loves her and is pretty attached.  Come tomorrow, he starts moving up to the next class.  Hopefully it will go well.

And then we have random photos of the party animals.
 Kiley is the sweet girl in purple.  She will be moving up in class with Taft.  He really likes her.

And this is darling little Liliana.  She took very good care of him while he was sick at school.

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