March Reading

One of my goals with Taft for the year is to read more.  He got a box of new books from Gran last week.  I thought that it was the perfect opportunity to start really reading.  We were very lucky that at one of my baby showers, people brought me books to start Taft's library.  We got a great selection of board books, picture books, and books that he will grow into.  Many have them have still not been read since Taft sticks to his favorites.
So - I decided that in March, we would read one new (unread), book a day.  I tried to start it off with a book that Taft would find exciting.  We chose The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle.  This version is a board book and the last page has a little battery in it to make all the little firefly's blink.  He loved it!  Then he was begging to read, "more books, more books". 

We followed it up with an educational book.  Shiny Touchy Smelly.  He loved the fact that there is a scratch and sniff on each page. 

We also read a little book called My Day.  It is a poem describing what you do throughout the day.  I couldn't find a picture of it but I will try to scan it later.  I think that we got off to a great start.

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