Be My Valentine

 We decided to take a few photos today in hopes of making a simple, photo Valentine for Taft to take to school.  I added the colors and text myself instead of using a premade card at one of the online sites.  That way we only pay for a 4x6 print.  That's 19 cents each at Walgreens.  I was pretty happy about that. 
Of course - photos are never for certain with a two year old and Taft was not in the best picture taking mood today.  I honestly thought that I had nothing.  We got a lot of these...
"I am not going to look at you and smile", and of course

"Is this what you want?".  But then we got these...

The one on top is for the teachers and staff at his school.  The other two are for his friends.  I will just print and they will be give out randomly.
I will post later about his little gifts for his class.

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