First Play Date of the New Year

 Right on schedule with my New Year's resolutions, Taft had his first play date of the year today.  His best friend, CJ, is all he has talked about for months.  They were in the same preschool class and seem to be little soul mates.  They are now in different schools, but we learned that CJ is just around the corner and the mommies are in contact. 
When I found out we were going to get together, I told Taft.  His reaction was jumping and say "Yay!! CJ!!".  He likes to look at pictures of CJ on facebook and tells him goodnight before bed.  They were so sweet today and so much alike.  I think that these two could be cut from the same cloth.
I also really enjoyed getting to know CJ's mommy, Jamie, better.  She is so nice and so is her husband.  Taft had a great time with CJ's brother and sister too.  He says that he wants a little sister like "Ami" (Sami).  We will have to think about that.
 Taft went down the big kid slide, alone, for the first time today. I had to go down a few times with him first.  Then he saw Brandt and CJ do it and he was ready.  He loved it and I loved watching him laugh and giggle as he slides down.

 Taft, Brandt, and CJ climbing up the stairs.  These made me a little nervous but Taft did great.  I think he was learning a lot from Brandt.
 Brandt and Taft taking on the slide together.
Taft and CJ.  Two total cuties if I say so myself.  This was right before they hugged and CJ gave Taft a kiss.  I can't believe that I missed a picture of that.

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