Yesterday, while Taft took his nap, I decided to take on the task of putting together his new workbench.  My mom and dad had it shipped here and I was so excited to see it.  I just knew that Taft would love it!  He has really started to like tools in the past few months.  We even tried a children's project at Lowe's but it didn't go so well.  He is not quite old enough for that yet.
Taft unwrapped all the grandparent gifts on Christmas Eve night.  I didn't dare try to put it together then.  Same thing on Christmas morning.  When he woke up from his nap, he came in the family room, ran over to it and said, "Sanny Cause".  I guess now he thinks that every time you go to sleep, you get a gift. 
So far he has loved it.  I put it in his room and it was the first thing he went to when we got home today.  He seems to be torn between it and his kitchen.  A chef or a carpenter.  He can't decide. 

 The tray holds all 55 pieces for building projects.  The directions tell you how to build planes, cars, etc.
 The vise really works.  This is impressive since I put it together.
Cute little wooden tools.


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