Santa Came!!!

 Santa came and brought Taft a load of new toys, goodies, and even clothes.  Taft woke up at 7:30 am and was ready to see what was here.
 He got a firetruck shirt, a dinosaur shirt, a robot shirt, sweatpants, Play-Doh, books for his Tag Junior, a Magna Doodle, a dinosaur from Dinosaur Train.....
 a Tag Junior (Toy Story Edition), crayons, paint, coloring books, Memory, Craftsmen power tools, Elmo and Wonder Pet videos, another dinosaur......
 an apron and chef hat, griddle pan, cups, plates, plastic wear, cookies and cookie sheet, pizza with pan, and cake with serving pain, and oven mits for his kitchen he got last year.....
 and Play-Doh!  Did I mention Play-Doh?  It is the only thing that Taft has asked for the last few days from Santa.  He also said that he wanted Santa to give Play-Doh to his best friend, CJ.

 His stocking had toothbrushes, sippy cups, an Elmo boo-boo pack, and dinosaur socks.

 The favorite of the Craftsman tools? The flashlight of course.
 These cute little dinos are interactive.  They have conversations and sing together.  I think that if he loves them and the cartoon, we may have to get more to add to the fun.
 The Wonder Pets School House.  Taft still loves Ming-Ming!
All in all, he loved everything but is still not sure where to start.  He is going to have a lot of new things to do this week.  He has already played with Play-Doh and cooked us pizza and cake.  Hopefully, he will take a nap soon.

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