Quincy's First Visit

It is finally December 1st!  Taft and I talked about Quincy last night and how he was coming to see him again this year. He keep saying "Quincy" and "Elf". 

I was happy to see that Quincy got in the house before it started to rain and he and I were able to have a little talk.  We talked about the fact that if he is bringing something to play with or a video that he would need to bring it in the afternoon after we get home from school so that it will not disrupt our morning. 

After I went to bed, Quincy got into my scrapbooking supplies!  He got out some new stamps and paint and made Taft a Merry Christmas sign.  This is what we found on the coffee table.  Taft thought it was great but he wanted to paint too.  So - he told Quincy to bring him some paint.  Ha!

After getting his surprise, Taft gave Quincy a thank you kiss and then put on some of his Reindeer Chapstick.  He loves "lips" as he calls it.  I bet he had the softest lips in school today because I think that he used half of it before he got there. 

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