Elf Magic Day 2

This morning we found Quincy in the Christmas Tree!  I guess he thought it needed a little decorating since Taft and I went to sleep before putting on the ornaments. 
It took Taft a few minutes to find his little elf friend.  Of course he went to the past place that he saw Quincy last night and then to where we found him yesterday first.  You just never know where an elf might be!
Taft was one happy boy when he opened up Quincy's sack and found a firetruck!  One of his favorite things!  Not only is a firetruck but it is also a book.  Inside it has pictures of all different kinds of rescue vehicles. 
Taft drove the book around for a few minutes and then he a Daddy cuddled up on the sofa to read it while Mommy got ready for work and got Taft's bags for school packed.
Can't wait to see what Quincy does tomorrow!

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