Still Sick

Poor Taft can't catch a break this week.  After staying at home on Thursday, he wanted to go to school.  His teacher called half way through the day to let us know that he was OK.  He had not thrown up but he did have diarrhea and just acted like he didn't feel well.  After school and work, we came home and changed before going to Wal*Mart to do a little weekend shopping. 
We picked up chicken and mac-n-cheese for Taft and he ate well for dinner.  He drank juice and took a bath and off to sleep he went.  He sleep about 12 hours before waking up.  Then Daddy got on the sofa with him following a Pediasure and went back to bed.
He ate very little for breakfast, but he drank well.  As soon as Daddy left to get some work done, he began to vomit again.  Daddy came straight home to help clean the kitchen floors while I cleaned the bathroom floors and gave the boy a bath. 
Now he is asleep on the sofa again with Bunny.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


  1. Bless his sweet heart! I hope he's feeling better!

    Love his little toilet paper roll turkey! Very cute!


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