Preschool Carnival - October 30th

Taft's Preschool had a little carnival for the students on Saturday.  On half of the parking lot was for games and the other was for Trunk or Treat.  Taft got to wear his costume for the first time.  The night before I was working hard to get velcro on the shoulders of the body suit and the jacket.  The material was so silky that without it, the jacket just kept falling off.  It worked perfectly.We were too little last year to really notice that people had on costumes for Halloween.  This year, we just weren't sure what to think.  He looked at the teachers and students in costumes strange. I am surprised that he was OK with Mr. Slava and Mr. Dimity as the Flintstones. He warmed up to them later. He liked to games and was happy to see his friend CJ (who was not in costume). I know that Taft is in the right school and that is happy. When we got in the car to go to breakfast, he cried and said, "school, school." Even though he cried, it made me happy to know that he really does love it there. And the girl kissing all over Taft is his favorite teacher, Miss Celeste.

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