It's a Pillow, It's a Pet....It's a Pillow Pet!

A few weekends ago, Taft was in the family room with me when a Pillow Pet commercial came on.  I have to say that I must live in a cave because I had no idea what these were.  He stopped what he was doing and watched.  Then he said "Wow".  He also said something else that I could not figure out.  It was a done deal.  He needed a Pillow Pet. 
The plan was to put it on his Christmas List.  Then I went to wash his blanket and pillow for school and found that the pillow was starting to fall apart.  Not just the seams, but the material itself.  Taft came home from school early on Friday because he was vomiting.  Some of the kids were alseep still when we got there to get him and we saw that his friend, Joseph, had a Pillow Pet.  When he felt better on Monday we went to CVS and picked out a nice puppy.  He was holding, hugging, and saying something in the cart.  I finally figured out that he was saying "Joseph".  I told him that Joseph has a bear and now Taft has a puppy.  He was very happy to take him to school on Tuesday.


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