Firetrucks Momma!!! Wooooo Woooo Woo!!!

Every morning we drive by the Palm Coast Fire Department on the way to work/school.  Taft has developed of love of firetrucks in the past few weeks.  The fire department went to his school and gave them all hats and coloring books.  He also got an Elmo Goes to The Fire Department video from our friend Yvette.  He gets so excited to see one out and with it's lights on that I am pretty sure he pees in his pants.  It didn't take him long to realize that everyday on the way to and from school he passes the fire department and the bays are almost always open so he can see the trucks.  He starts about a half a mile from the firehouse with "Momma, firetrucks!  Firetrucks Momma!  Wooooo Wooo Woo!"  He does his best to sound like a siren and I play along.  The closer we get the louder and faster he talks.
Yesterday he was very excited and when we got to the fire department, all the bays were closed.  You could hear the dissapointment in his voice. 
We are planning to take him there soon and let him have a little tour and see the trucks up close. I am pretty sure that he will enjoy it.

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