New shoes and Boo Boo's

Yesterday, I got off work early.  I do every other Friday which is nice.  I get to go get haircuts, nails done, or just do some shopping without a toddler in toe.  This week, Taft needed new shoes.  While I love to take him shopping for clothes, shoes are a little different.  He likes to try on clothes and pick things out but when you try on shoes you better be ready to buy and they better have his size.  Otherwise, the entire store will know about it.
For the past few days his has fussed when we put on his tennis shoes in the morning.  I have checked them out and they were not so small that they should hurt but his toe was starting to touch the front of the shoe and he is not a fan.  I prefer shoes with Velcro but the older he gets the harder it gets to find them.  I really like the pair that I found at Kohl's.  He loved them too.  We showed him the box and he got excited.  Lots of OOHHH and AWHHHHH.  They look pretty cute on too.  They remind me of a bubble bee.

We also had a boo boo at school today.  Shane picked him up and they said that he fell on the playground.  He saw his favorite teacher, Miss Celeste, and started to run to her.  He fell on the way.  They cleaned him up and put on a band aid.  He was very sensitive about it.  If you even mentioned it he started to cry.  He would not let us touch it.  He even acted like he couldn't walk on the leg.  Poor little thing.   I was finally able to get the bandage off when he took a bath.  He would not sit in the water a screamed when it got wet.  We put Neosporin on it and he would not let us put a band aid back on.  He slept with long pants on.  This morning he was wet when he woke up and I tried to put some little knit shorts on him.  He only wanted long pants on to cover his "kneeeee".  Hopefully it will feel better today and he will be back to normal.

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