Carrabbas Dinner - October 15th

 Once upon a time, I ate at Carrabbas at least twice a month.  This was of course pre-Taft.  After Taft was about six months old, those visits stopped.  I love Carrabbas.  We decided to give it a try with this week.
Taft does pretty well in some restaurants.  He is just not a patient child.  Food needs to be on the table almost instantly. 
We were very lucky that we were able to get there before the dinner rush started.  We ordered everything at one time and prayed that it would keep coming fast enough to keep the sweet boy entertained. 
I was shocked to find out that Taft likes calamari.  It came to the table and he saw Shane and I eating it so he dug right in.  He even liked the spicy Ricardo sauce that we love.  Way to go Taft on trying something new!  He is SO my child.  Just a few weeks ago he was eating lobster bisque.
Dinner went pretty well with only two trips to the bathroom and one great waiter that helped to entertain each time he passed the table.  It was just great to get the lobster ravioli again.

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