Alabama Trip Part 2 - McCary Family

After spending time at Gran's, we moved on north to the McCary family. My sister, Kristi, finally got finished with her remodel on her house and all moved in. That was great for Taft and I because it meant that we could stay with her for the first time ever.
Taft really enjoyed staying with Mallory. He enjoyed Travis also, but Travis stayed with Mawmaw and Pawpaw a lot and even with some friends of his. Mallory has lots of things to play with and Taft loved it all. We did a problem with the two of them together. It seems that Taft is a hitter. He hit poor Mallory every chance that he got. He does the same thing at home if kids his age are over. Thankfully, his teacher says he doesn't do it at school.
Taft and Mallory took their baths together every night. This was a treat for him since he never has a tub buddy.
He also was able to do some coloring, with Mallory's supervision. He has to be watched like a hawk with crayons. He seems to think that the wall is the best place to draw.
He also got to play with playdough for the first time. Yes - I am a terrible mother and never bought him playdough. He loved it! Although - he did perfer to eat it instead of play with it.
And by far one of the cutest things was watching Mallory and Taft in her new battery powered Barbie VW. Mallory would drive and Taft would work the radio. Yes - it really plays 3 songs total. He did a little dancing as they drove.

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