Alabama Part One - Gran's House

Soon after Taft's birthday, he and I went to Alabama for a little break from Florida. We decided to cancel his Florida birthday party and just go hang out with family and friends for a little while. Our first stop was with Gran.
Gran and Rejene came to Florida to pick us up. Then we started the road trip to Alabama. Taft was a great traveler. He just talked and played. Of course we made numerous stops to let him move around and not feel so cramped up.
One of those stops was at the Carter's outlet for all new PJ sets. He got some really cute ones. We prefer the ones that are 2 piece, long pant, short/long sleeve tops. They are hard to find at Target and Wal*Mart (and cost twice as much). Thanks Gran!
Also - there are a lot of girl things at Gran's. Taft found the little hair clip there. I think that it may have been Izzy's. He didn't care. He thought that he looked great in it. He had to have it many different times over the days there.
He also loved to help clean. He loved the small vacuums that Gran had and worked almost everyday at getting the floors clean. He tends to stand in one spot so we did have to move him around to get the entire floor clean.
He was also a big fan of putting clothes in the dryer. He can't get in the laundry room at our house. We have a gate up because the cat food and litter box are in the laundry room. Gran gave him each item to put in and he had to smell each one. Gran uses a lot of Gain fabric softener.

We also enjoyed time with Izzy and Evan. Taft's only Belton first cousins. They came to the house to play, eat, and swim. On this night they all had a PJ party with their stuffed sleeping buddies.
Taft also LOVED Gran's solitaire handheld game. He thought it was a phone most of the time.

And last but not least - he loved hanging out with Jenna in her room. It is bright pink and blue and she has lots of fun things to do. Jenna showed him how to use the microphone for her karaoke machine and he thought he was the greatest. He loved to scream in it and have it set on echo.


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