It's May Already?

Ok - I have gotten behind again. We have had a lot going on around here. Taft has been sick and has had some problems with school (more about that later). Of course, I am still working Monday thru Wednesday and Shane has taken a new job also. He is working for Horizon Foods. He loves it so far. We have not given up on the carpet business just yet, but with the economy the way it is, there just aren't that many people calling, so back to a "real" job. You know, the kind with a salary. ;0
April seemed to go by quickly. Taft had some allergy issues. April 19th he had a fever of 101 at school and they called us to pick him up. Shane went to get him and took him to the doctor. Just allergies. But that meant that he had to stay home fever free for 24 hours. Shane watched him the next morning and I took the afternoon. He went to school on Wednesday but had a temp when I picked him up. By Friday it was 103. He got more antibiotics but it could have been viral. Still not sure. We did see that he got a new tooth that week also, so that could be our reason. On the 26th, they called me to come get him again. No fever, but he was screaming and they couldn't get him to calm down. He was also holding his ears. I could hear him from the front door when I got there. We thought it might be an ear infection so we went to the doctor yet again. He was check head to toe with no cause found.
After looking things up on the Internet and talking to his teachers, we believe that he may have Sensory Perception Disorder. As the weeks go by and I pay more attention, it seems more and more likely. Certain things just set him off. They are keeping a log on him at daycare to see if the same things get him upset each time. We have a list going at home also. The next thing to do is to see the doctor and see what they think. If he has it, hopefully we can find more ways to deal with it. It is more common in children with autism but I don't think that is an issue. We just want to be able to help him cope better.
Taft also brought home some art projects from school. One is from March and one is from April. He seems to be very artistic.

As you can see, the shamrock is finger painted and then little green paper pieces are stuck on top of the paint. Great placement. He is a genius.

I think that he worked on this one with little help from Ms. Celeste.

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