Hospital Easter Egg Hunt

Yesterday we took Taft to the Florida Hospital Flagler Easter Egg Hunt. We decided to skip the City Egg Hunt last weekend. When we arrived they were giving out baskets to the children that didn't have one already and a stuffed animal to the other children. Taft picked out a little yellow duck and carried it around in his basket while he looked for eggs. All the 3 and under children where together so that the "big" kids would not run them over.
We showed Taft what to do with a few eggs and then he pretty much figured it out. He would run and run and pick up an egg. He would hold and it and not put it in his basket. Then the next egg he say he would put down the egg in his hand and pick up the other. We had to help him with the basket part. He had a great time just running and playing the other kids. Afterwards we went to Bob Evan's for breakfast for dinner and then he was ready for bed.

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