Easter Bunny Visit

The Easter Bunny came to see Taft! He even put all his gifts in his room. Taft was a little worried last night that he would not be able to find us since last year we were not home and put in for a change of address. Taft was very excited! He wasn't sure if he should touch it at first but then he dug in to see what was there. As you can see, he even threw poor Bunny down to check it out.
He got eggs. He loves taking them apart and putting the together again. There are five board books, some sidewalk chalk to use on the driveway, bubble bath and a fish bath sponge, a chocolate bunny, and a Spiderman ball. Oh - and a new pair of sunglasses. I think that he likes it and I know that we will have to take a bubble bath today and create some sidewalk art. Happy Easter everyone!

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