December Daily - Day 1

In a way, we started December 1st yesterday. Taft and I were out trying to finish up some Christmas shopping and went to KMart. They had all of their store brand boxed cards 50% off, making them $3 a box. I remembered seeing something about mailing cards to the troops and thought it would be a nice idea. I let Taft have the freedom to pick the cards. We went through a few since he seemed to like the ones with glitter and you can't send those. After he picked a box, he was very proud of himself. It was all we bought and the checkout lady let him have the bag. He was a big boy!
I worked on writing in a message from our family last night after dinner. You are limited to sending 15 cards per family and by the time I got to number 15, my hand hurt. =) We will mail them out today.
If you would like to mail cards also, here is the website to checkout: http://redcross.org/holidaymail
In other news, Quincy Elf made his way back to our house last night. Taft was excited to see him. I know that he doesn't really understand him yet, but he was something different to see and he noticed right away. Quincy was sitting in his favorite chair in the family room.

I am adding text to the photos to help with journaling in the album this year. I also decided to do a opening page with the story of Quincy and added a few photos of Quincy's arrival last year to it. If you want to know about Quincy, you can look in the December 2008 archives.
***Note: I had planned to post photos of my finished pages today, but my local Walgreens lost my photo order. I was only able to go out once today for errands, so I will post both tomorrow.

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  1. Hallie has the same snowman cup--Target?! :o) We actually broke one in the store. Yeah, they break. Fun times. lol.

    I'm glad Taft liked Quincy!


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