Trick Or Treating Is Done!

So the Trick Or Treating is done for us tonight. Taft is still pretty little and not really old enough to enjoy all the Trunk Or Treating in town. Maybe when he is old enough to eat the candy we will think about going to those. Still it was fun just walking around the block to a few houses. He was very good and kept his hat on most of the time and his little fishing pole draped over the side of the stroller so that people knew what he was. A few people tried to get him to take the candy from the bowl but he was not about to touch it. We picked a few things that he really likes like Reese's and Kit-Kat's. He even held a Kit-Kat from the first house until we got home. It is a little melted and gross now.
We left candy outside for the little ones and hoped that no one child would take everything. They were pretty good and we kept candy in the house for our three neighbor girls to make sure that they got some when they came over.
Here are a few pics from the night...

Our neighbors little girls. Cate, Alex, and Sarah.


  1. Very cute! Next year Taft will be all about getting the candy! Hallie had fun at the fall festival...and whenever she got to choose candy, she ALWAYS chose a sucker! Ha! :o)

    Love the little note...I'll have to remember that for next year!

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