Pumpkins Are Carved!

We were going to carve pumpkins last night but we got behind schedule and Taft was ready to go to sleep. I thought that maybe he would be in a good mood after his nap today and want to sit in his highchair and play with the pumpkin parts, but he was only happy walking around and checking in on the progress that Mommy was making.

Daddy and Taft with a pumpkin top.Taft with his lid and in another cute Halloween shirt.
Mommy drawing on the face before she carves.
Bunny Pumpkin, Trevor, and Taft Pumpkin
Taft and Bunny
If you know Taft, you know that he takes his bunny everywhere. Bunny has started to wear holiday clothing to fit in to the seasons as they change. So - it seemed only right that Taft and Bunny get a pumpkin.


  1. The pumpkins turned out super cute!!


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