Alabama Birthday Party - June 6th, 2009

***I have been very behind on blogging and finally added the photos to the Florida Party and Doctor's visit posts to be able to post them. So - the next few days we will be catching up a little.
After having one party down it was time to travel to Alabama. We had a second party at Gran's house (Shane's mom) in Beulah, Alabama. We decided to go with a farm them since Shane's first birthday theme was farm. Besides - 2 parties meant twice the fun on party shopping for mommy.
We turned Gran's house into farm central. I mean, if you have a pig balloon then you must have a cow balloon. (Which my uncle Tony said was "utterly deformed". He made a funny.
Gran took care of the meal with ham, beans, potato salad (by Teresa), Mac-n-cheese, to mention a little. Jenna made Taft's little pig cake just for him and it was adorable. Aunt Teresa went to Columbus, GA, to pick up the cupcakes for us since I would not have time to make these. Jenna and Carla traveled with Taft and I into Auburn to get all the balloons inflated and they helped with all the decorations. Also - Kendra Shea Morris Echols took the time to make the adorable invites for me.
By the time that we had eaten dinner and had cupcakes, Taft was getting tired and ill. We tried to open presents anyway and it went ok. He was happy when he realized that most of his gifts made noise, which he loves.

Then Taft enjoyed an after party swim with the cousins.

The McCary family was unable to make it to the party so we went to their house on Sunday and opened gifts at Mawmaw Geneva's.

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