Already 1!

June 2, 2008 - How things have changed...
It's so hard to believe that Taft is already a year old. This last year has flown by. It is so fun to look at photos of him at birth and see how much he has grown. We spend his first birthday here at home playing. Then he and mommy had to go out shopping for food and he got to pick out two videos. A new Blue's Clues and an Elmo video about Birthday's. When Daddy got home from work we went out to eat. Taft loves Mac-n-Cheese and the rolls. Then the poor little thing went to sleep. Such a sweet boy.
On the day after his birthday, he had to go to see Dr. Davis for his one year check up and shots. What a birthday gift! He is doing great! He is still in the 95 percentile for height at 31 inches and the 50-75 percentile for weight at 22 pounds. It seems that he will be tall and slim.

Here is a little look back at Taft over the last year and what a difference a year makes. First doctors visit - June 4, 2008

His one year visit - June 3, 2009

Other changes:

He says hey and hi all the time, even to the cats.

He is cruising on furniture and can stand alone.

He loves pasta and watermellon.

He says "Num, num" (Yum, yum) when hungry and when you start to put his food on the tray.

He has started to recongnize and avoid strangers.

He does not like crowded places when strangers are too close.

He "talks" to other children.

He talks to his videos and the tv.

He loves Peek-a-Boo.

He knows the meaning of NO and cries when he hears it.

He loves books and balloons.

He only takes naps if he has his paci and his stuffed bunny.


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