Taft and I had a little shopping to do today and we were out of the house for awhile. When we returned home there was a big box with Elmo on it sitting at the front door. That darn UPS man had struck again! He always comes when we leave the house. (Maybe we should leave more often)
In the Elmo box was a walker for the sweet little Taft. Gran had sent it to him for his Florida birthday party gift. She sent it early so that he could go ahead and get started on the walking practice. Shane was not at home so I put it together for him and Taft got right in. He only took a few minutes to figure out what it was for and off he went. I had to put him on the carpet so I could take a few pictures without him moving away.
I had to take them with my phone since I broke the lens to my big, good, camera, and I haven't fixed the flash on my little Cool Pics. I'm glad that almost everything they make now seems to have a camera in it!
Thanks Gran! I know that Taft will enjoy getting around the kitchen and other tiles rooms while we chase him to keep him out of trouble.

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