11 Months Old

Taft turned 11 months old on Saturday and he stayed with Shane all day while I got to go to a scrapbooking crop and work on his baby book. Shane took him to a few jobs sites and out and about around town. Then they came to pick me up for dinner and back to the house we went.

Taft is wanting to stand all the time. He even watches tv while standing and moving to the music. It almost seems that if he is not standing or in the stroller that he is asleep. I know that it will not be long before he can walk. He loves the walker and has figured out how to open the cabinets and get into them. We are fixing that this week.

He is starting to want to eat table food a little more. He likes dumplings, biscuits, peas and carrots, beans, anything mushy, and popcorn that I have bitten off the husk for him. He likes about anything that we have in our cups as long as he can drink it from our cup. A little messy. He also likes ice cream and never turns it down. His favorites are still the Stage 3 Broccoli, Carrots, and Cheese, and his Little Crunchies. Also any fruit.

I have bought a lot of different sippy cups and still haven't found one that he likes. Mostly he just throws it in the floor. He is getting where he will sit in my lap and hold his bottle for a little bit. Not for long though. He would rather have it done for him. He is a little spoiled you know. =)

We are getting excited about his birthday and all the fun that comes with it.


  1. Lauryn never would hold her bottle. I started giving her sippy cups during the day and bottle for morning and night. She liked the Nuby cups. I think they are 2.97 or so. Plus they are easier to clean. No little stopper thingy to take out. They are my faves too. They don't seem to leak like the others do.


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