What's for dinner?

Taft has decided that while he does not like baby food at the moment he does love the Graduate finger snacks. He does really well with them. At first he would get about every third one in his mouth and the others would be on the floor. Today he is doing great with them and I haven't found any on the floor. He likes all of the ones that we have tried so far. I'm think that after he works with these for a few days we will try to start on "real" food.


  1. Once Em had teeth-she preferred "real food" to baby food. We just did a lot of mashed potatoes and other foods that could be easily mashed with little fingers and teeth! Good luck as he moves from baby food to "big people" food

  2. Matterson Loves real food. We went out and bought an inexpensive food processor, and made him meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. He loves biscuits, and his favorite food is home made spaghetti. It is really funny. He also loves gold fish crackers and animal crackers. He drinks from a sippy cup now, but he only drinks milk or water. He seems to get diaper rash if he drinks fruit juices. I don't blame Taft I would rather have grown up foods too!


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