Happy Valentine's Day!!

Taft and I spent most of the day out shopping and doing a lot of window shopping. Shane wanted us out of the house and out of the way while he cleaned all the tile in house. Of course I didn't mind since he was cleaning and I wouldn't have too. Taft and I went to BabiesRUs and they had balloons outside to show that they were having a clearance sale. He loved them! I have never noticed him paying attention to balloons before. He was even talking to them. After we finished shopping I noticed that a few people in the parking lot where carrying Valentine balloons. They all seemed to be close to Dollar Tree so I thought that I would give it a try. And of course look for cute Easter decorations while we were at it. We walked in and Taft didn't know what to do. There were balloons everywhere. I picked him one out and he talked to it as we walked through the store. I noticed him talking to it in the car on the way home. He really seems to love it. He was also happy to see that he got a few cards in the mail and of course one from mommy and daddy. Now it's off to the next holiday!
I had to add a little close up of the sweet boy!


  1. happy valentine's day to all three
    of you!!! such a sweet, sweet, happy little boy...love, gran & jenna

  2. Cute pictures! Hallie LOVES balloons, too! I guess it was about Taft's age that she really started noticing them and wanting one all the time--they have them for the kids at our grocery store. :o) For her first birthday, we got her one that "sings"...we could've just gotten her that and nothing else!

    Happy Heart Day! I Love Taft's little shirt--that is too cute!


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