8 Months Already?

Taft turned 8 months old on the 2nd. I can't believe that he is growing so fast. He is sitting up great on his own and is able to sit up from a lying down position. Still no crawling, but he gets everywhere he wants to go with rolling. It's funny to watch how he changes direction by spinning.
He is saying ba, ba, ba...da, da, da...and pa, pa, pa. His only "real" word is hey. He tells you "hey" when you walk into the room. Everyone thinks that he is older than he is since he is tall and has all that hair. We were in Publix and the lady at the bakery counter wanted to give him a cookie. She was shocked that he only has two teeth and was not a year old. We also went to Sam's this week and got our membership cards. The lady working was so great. She took Taft's picture also and made him his on little card. He held onto it all through the store and chewed on it of course. It's too cute.
He also likes to wear baseball caps. We got him a few and everytime that I put them on him he smiles. I think that he always sees his daddy in one and thinks that you are supposed to wear one. He will wear it all day when we are out and never touches it much less takes it off.
He has finally started to eat babyfood again. He still doesn't like to open his mouth but he is eatting once you trick him into opening his mouth. The doctor said not to worry about it that some babies do this while they are teething. He is gaining weight so we know that he is getting what he needs. I weighed him here at home this week and he weighed 20 pounds.
We are getting close to a haircut. His little bangs are in eyes alot. I wanted to wait until he was a year old before the first cut but I'm not sure that we will make it that long. We will see.
I plan on taking some 8 month photos this week and I will get them up as soon as possible.


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