Hungry Pelican or Hungry Taft?

Today it is raining and Taft and I are staying in if possible. He loves to be outside so it is hard to not be able to take him. While I was taking a shower I heard Shelby bark (which almost always means that the doorbell is ringing). When I got out I checked the front door and there was a package from Gran. Taft was very happy to see a new toy. The Hungry Pelican. It is a very cute crib toy that has little shrimp, fish, and crabs to "feed" the pelican. I showed him how to do it and he caught on pretty quick. The only problem is that I think he ate all the pelicans food!

He must like shrimp!
Taft trying to eat the pelican
Gotta have a crab dinner
One happy little boy!


  1. Cute toy but much cuter baby eating the toy! I promise there will come a day when the drool ends and chewing on anything and everything stops too


  2. Oh that's cute! I love the little toy! And I must second Casey. There is a time that the "dog days" (as I call them--drooling and chewing) come to an end. :o) It's a fun stage, though!


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