Taft's Christmas Tree

On Thursday, Taft came home from Christmas shopping to find a package at the front door. I sat him in his highchair so that he could help open it and see what he had been sent from Uncle Scott and Aunt Teresa. Inside we found an ornament for his tree. He seemed to really like the box and would cry if I tried to take it from him. He just loved playing with string on the box.
Over the years, Shane's sister-in-law Teresa has had a Christmas Tree in each of her children's bedrooms where they collect new ornaments each year from the family. I always thought that it was a great idea and hoped that I would be able to have the same tradition with my child one day. The first tree that Shane and I put up was Taft's. We just wanted to say thank you to all the family that sent him ornaments this year to make his first Christmas Tree great.
A rattle from Gran
Oscar from Mawmaw Geneva
Little fireman from Mawmaw and Pawpaw
A John Deere tractor from Kristi, Justin, Travis, and Mallory
A firetruck from Gran
A sweet angel from Scott, Teresa, Izzy, and Evan

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  1. What a very cute idea! Now I need to see a picture of the entire tree, please. ;o)


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