A little boy meets Santa for the 1st time

We had an appointment today for family photos and decided to reschedule for Thursday. Mommy and Daddy have been sick the last week and didn't really feel up to traveling the hour drive for two hours of photos and then an hour return drive. Instead, we decided to take our sweet boy to meet Santa. We were a little afraid that Taft would take one look at the man in red and meltdown past the point of no return. We were third in line and the first little boy was about 4 years old and did great! Then on to the 1 year old. He cried and cried. (I was getting nervous at this point.) I sat Taft down in Santa's lap and he turned his head to get a look at the person holding him. He and Santa just looked at each other for a few minutes. It turned out to be my favorite photo. He did look at us and gave us a quick smile that the photo lady kinda caught. Then he decided he was ready to see Mommy and Daddy. Just a little whine really. All in all we were very lucky and got a cute photo in the end.

A little smile


  1. So sweet! I like the top pic too


  2. I love the top picture, too. That is just perfect! I'm glad you got a good photo. I remember last year with Hallie--Santa said, "Don't let her see me until you get a good picture"! LOL. After the good picture, Hallie turned around to see Santa. I hope this year goes as well. We'll see. :o)

    Little Taft looks like you in his Santa pictures, Kyetra. He's definitely a McCary. :o)



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