While Gran was here to visit, she bought Taft a new carseat and a Rainforest Jumperoo. The carseat is wonderful and was much needed since Taft had gotten to long for his infant seat a lot quicker than we thought. Lucky for us, there was a friend in need of a carseat and we know that it will be cared for and another wonderful little boy, Porter, will ride in comfort. Gran was also nice enough to transport the carseat to Alabama along with baby clothes for two friends with little boys on the way.
As mentioned before, Taft got his Jumperoo. At first he didn't seem to know what to do with it. It is wonderful and he is able to bounce up and down and listen to music and it has lights. It also has a moving seat that spins around to different little "stations". He has yet to be able to spin the seat himself since his feet don't touch the ground yet. But - when he starts to fuss, mommy and daddy are able to spin him around and he thinks that it is a new wonderful toy to look at.


  1. Cute! Hallie had that Jumperoo and she LOVED it! She would probably still get in it if we'd let her! HA! He will enjoy it...and you will, too! :o)


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