Growing like a weed!!

Our little prince is growing like a weed. He is out of control! Shane and I bought him new clothes again last night. His sweet little jeans were okay when he was lying or standing but if he sat in his stroller or carseat they appeared to be cutting him in half. We moved up to 9 months in most things and they have a little room but I know it will not be that way for long.
He is eating great of course. He loves fruit with oatmeal for breakfast and green beans anytime. He gets so excited when he sees me put his bowl on the highchair. He has also started to try to hold his bottle. He seems to push it in the wrong direction sometimes but he will get it soon.
He is now sleeping on his side all the time. As soon as I put him in the bed he flips over to his left side. He stays there most of the night but has been ending up on his stomach. He is not too big on tummy time so he sends out a baby distress call to get flipped back. I will be glad when he can get from the stomach back to his back. He loves to roll and every time is on the floor he goes straight to his tummy. He is pushing up and trying to reach for things but no crawling just yet.
We put up our Christmas trees this week and Taft loved to watch. The family room tree has all different ornaments that Shane and I have collected and he watched me put on every single one. Six of the seven trees have white lights but Shane got colored lights for the tree in Taft's room. He laughed and squealed as we put the lights on. He loves the Christmas section at Target and all the moving decorations.
We are having Thanksgiving here this year and are looking forward to having our first Thanksgiving with our wonderful little boy.


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