I found my toes and never want to let go!!

Over the last few weeks, I have noticed that Taft has not only found his toes, but he seems to hold them at all times. If he is not holding both feet at once, he is chewing on the toes on his right foot. I guess to us "old" people it doesn't look very comfortable but he seems to love it. I find him watching tv just sitting there with feet in the air. Too cute!

Also he has started to really like his Stage 1 foods. At first he was not all that interested in them. I didn't push him since the doctor said that he could start but not to be concerned if he didn't like it and that he really didn't need to eat them until he is 6 months. So far we have finished the test of the orange color group. He has had squash, sweet potatoes, and carrots. He seems to like them more with a little rice cereal mixed in. We were told to go one color group at a time to test for allergies so since the orange foods seem to be okay we will move on to the greens next week.

I think that he likes the carrots!!

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