Fun at Silver Springs!

On Saturday the 25th, we packed and left for Taft's first road trip and overnight stay that was not to see family. We, along with friends Wes, Shelly, Jordan, Emma, and Alex, left for Silver Springs, Florida. Taft stayed at a hotel for the first time and didn't seem to mind at all. I'm not sure that he understood why he had to take a bath in the sink since but the room only had a shower.
On Saturday night, Wes and Shane kept Emma and Taft so that us older girls could go to the night time Halloween activities at Silver Springs. We went to the not so Haunted River Boat tour and the Haunted House. It was fun and the longest that I have been away from Taft since his birth. When I got back to the hotel he was sleeping well and didn't seem to miss mommy at all.
On Sunday, all of us went to the Springs for the children to have fall fun. Everything was decorated and set up for children to have a great time. They gave them Treat Or Treat bags and a scavenger hunt map. At each location they got cute little gifts like cups and photo albums. Emma enjoyed it and we all helped Taft with his. We went on two glass bottom boat tours, feed the giraffes, and looked at all the animals before time to come home.

Taft and Emma in the hotel

Emma and Taft

In the Hay Maze


Shelly, Emma, Wes, and Jordan

Taft and Daddy

Taft flirting with Alex

Taft back at home with his new turtle.


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