Happy Fall Ya'll

Today is the first day of Fall!  You know, the cooler weather, sweaters, cute boots, etc, season?  But not really in Florida.  This is what we see.....

Green palm trees in the yard.
Taft and walked around the neighboorhood when we got home this afternoon to try to find some little signs of Fall.  We really had to look.  But this is what I found under the palm tree...

A red leaf.

And then a yellow in the grass.

And off course the magnolia tree is changing, even though it stays green all year.

We saw these pumpkins.  At Wal*Mart.

And our house smells like Fall.  Thanks to Glade.

Our changes here are very subtle.  And slow.  And well, if you wear those boots and a sweater, you will have a heat stroke.  But by this time next year, we will be in Alabama.  Back to living at the bottom of Cheaha Mountain and things will be much more Fall like.  Can tell I am looking forward to it?


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