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Written by Jessica Kirsenlohr
Paperback, 26 pages
Published September 10th, 2013
Publisher, Author HouseGenre, Children's Literature

Description from Goodreads:
This is a story about a shell-less sea turtle who is searching for her shell. She tries on many different items, along the ocean shore, to see if it could be her shell. With the help from her friend Gus, they meet new creatures and try new things to help Shelby find who she is. So that they can adventure into the ocean to find their mommies.

My Thoughts:
This is a very cute story about kindness and helping others.   All the mother sea turtles laid dozens of eggs, but Shelby's mother only laid one - him.  When the turtles are hatching and making their way to the ocean, Gus asks Shelby where his shell is.  It is then that he knows that he is different and shell-less.  Gus and Shelby set off on an adventure to find his shell.  The try on many different ones while looking and the book explains them all.      

Written by Michelle Robinson, Illustrations by Leonie Lord
Hardcover, 32 pages
Genre, Children's Literature

Description from Goodreads:
 While his mother gets ready upstairs, a boy is waiting for delivery of a great big pizza with extra cheese. When the doorbell rings, it isn't the pizza guy - it's - a gorilla! Without even being invited in, the gorilla heads straight for mischief. He dumps out the boy's toy box, colors on the walls, kicks soccer balls in the house, and makes a giant mess in the kitchen. And that's not even the bad news! While all this mayhem is going on, the real pizza boy comes, and the gorilla doesn't leave any for the family!

My Thoughts:
This story is about the lies that children make up to stay out of trouble. Like saying "the dog ate my homework".   At least I think it is.  
The little boys tells his mother that a gorilla came in the house while she was taking a shower.  He destroys the house and eats their dinner.  It is an elaborate story to say the least.  
This was a good book but I was left wondering if it was a story the boy made up or if we were to believe that there really was a gorilla that came by.  So - it was good but not great. 

Written by Alex LatimerHardcover, 32 pages
Published August 1st, 2013
Publisher, Peachtree PublishersGenre, Children's Literature

Description from Goodreads:
Lion is mean to everyone. When the other animals can't take his bullying anymore, they post an ad asking for help.
One animal after another tries and fails to defeat Lion. Can no on stop him?
Finally a rabbit arrives. No one thinks it will be brave enough or strong enough to defeat Lion. But perhaps this rabbit is smart enough?

My Thoughts:
Lion is not very nice to the other animals.  He, in fact, is a bully.  Examples:  Taking a hyena's lunch monkey, putting a "I am a horse" sign on a zebra, and giving a wedgie to a buffalo. The animals are all so tired of this that they put an ad online to find someone to help them.  The animals are all afraid to stand up to Lion on their own.  Lots of animals answer the ad but do not success.  At least not until Rabbit comes along.  Rabbit challenges Lion time and time again.  Lion gets made each time and demands another challenge but finally Lion gives up and decides to nice to the animals.  This was a very good book.  The story and the illustrations are wonderful.  I will definitely be looking for more from this author. 

I recieved these books from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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