Remember Me?

Today is the UN's International Children's Day. I know that there are lots of ways to celebrate but here is one that may not think about. The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has a Remember Me? Project. The concept is pretty simple.

Many children and families were displaced after WWII. Some of the children were left with no parents and no way to find the family that they were separated from. This was an age without internet and social media. People could truly be lost and only be a few miles from one another. After the war, relief agencies came in and took photos of many children in hopes of finding their families.
The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is trying to find out what happened to those children. The purpose is to find out what became of the displaced children and what the rest of their lives were like.
Many have been identified and you can read their stories, but there are so many that have not had their story told. Take a look at the site. If you have parents or grandparents that were in Europe during those years, or had family there, give the names and photos a minute of your time. If you know someone in the photos there is a link for you to give information.
Let's try to give these children a voice they were denied.

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