Mistletoe and Magic by Katie Rose | Book Review

Mistletoe and Magic by Katie Rose
106 pages, Ebook Novella
Published October 14th, 2013

Description from Goodreads:
Blond, angelic Penelope Appleton possesses breathtaking looks—and a troublesome secret. She and her two charming—and newly married—sisters have inspired quite a following posing as spiritualists. However, unlike her clever sisters, Penelope actually does glimpse the future. On the eve of her coming out at a Christmas ball, Penelope sees a vision of a rakishly handsome dark-haired man who she knows is her destiny. But her premonition comes with a terrible price: She also foretells his death. 
Jared Marton takes one look at Penelope and his fate is sealed. He must possess her, heart and soul, even if his efforts to get close to this ethereal beauty are thwarted by her determination to deny the magic between them . . . until a perfect kiss dissolves all barriers to sweet surrender. But when Jared discovers the burden she carries, a perfect love is challenged by the cold winds of fate.

My Thoughts:
I have really developed a love of novellas and so far this one is my favorite.  I loved that somehow the author was able to fit all the details and back stories into such a short story.  I literally felt as though I had read a full length novel in record speed.  It was wonderful!
The story is sweet, light, and takes place during the Christmas season.  It is the story of Penelope and Jared.  Jared is a wealth lawyer with a high society family and Penelope is beautiful girl from a family of mystics.  During the Victorian era, spiritualists were not seen as a part of accepted society.
Penelope has never told anyone that she really does have the power of seeing the future.  She sees her future husband, but also sees his untimely death.  Due to this, she does everything she can do to not fall in love.  But the magic and mistletoe take over for her and her family.
It is a great story.  So many details in a short story.  The characters are well built and completely lovable.
I would recommend this novella to anyone giving it 4 out of 5 stars.  

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It is important to note that I received this Kindle edition as a courtesy from Loveswept via NetGalley in return for a book review. That being said, the feelings expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced by an outside source.

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