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Secret Santa.  It has many different forms of this tradition.  In it's basic form, you draw names and then buy a gift for that person.  It is popular in offices, church groups, and even large families.  There is usually a price limit set and the gifts are exchanged.
Some groups make it a little more interesting.  That is where the White Elephant Game, Dirty Santa, and the Grinch Game come in.  In this form, you by a gift that could be for anyone in the group.  If you have a lot of people, it can be nice to separate the men and women to make the gift buying easier.  Each person will wrap and bring their gift to the party.  When guests arrive, they draw numbers. They will select gifts from the pile in that order.
The first person selects a gift and then opens it.  The person with number 2 unwraps a gift and then decides to keep it, or trade for the first persons gift.  And it continues until all the gifts are open.  At this point, the person with number one then gets to pick from all the open gifts or keep the one they have.  You take home the gift you are left with.

Personally, I haven't done a gift swap like this in years.  Mostly likely with my youth group in high school and I think that the gift to get was a Caboodle.  

Do you particpate in a Secret Santa?  Any suggestions on ways to make one better?

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  1. ha ha Caboodle! I remember those days! We do a sock swap party with the women at our church. It's a lot of fun. Kelly


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