31 Days | Ornaments

I love Christmas ornaments.  I mean I really love them.  I love putting up my tree and looking at each and every one.  We have a few traditions that include ornaments.
In fact - we get ornaments when we travel.  I know that people get magnets, coffee cups, or t-shirts, but we get Christmas ornaments.  It didn't take long to figure out that it was the perfect souvenir for us.
We have a family tree and Taft has his own tree in his room.  Both have souvenir ornaments.  And each year I get a few new ornaments for the family tree.
But Taft's tree has something else just a wonderful.  Each year, he gets a few new ornaments that relate to what is going on in his life.  Last year, he was a huge fan of SpongeBob (and still is) so he got a SpongeBob ornament.  This year his birthday party was at the St. Augustine Alligator Farm, so there is a little alligator going on the tree.  Some years he may get two or three but never over five for the year in this category.  He still gets ornaments from friends and family too and from any trips that we may have taken.
A circus ornament in Taft's tree.  In place of a photo, I put his ticket.
We have also been blessed to get ornaments from my Mother-in-Law.  Some of those belonged to her mother, were made by Shane as a child, made by my Father-in-Law, and some from their Christmas tree bought the year my FIL came home from Vietnam.
I have a feeling that as I get older the tree will just get bigger.  But that is ok, because I love the history and stories that it holds.
Do you collect ornaments?  Have any favorites?

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  1. I have more than a couple of favorites! Each one tells a story of some sort - like the cheap-os made with tooth picks and cards in college, to the expensive gift on from a former employer and mentor. I also have a tradition of purchasing a new ornament a year for our family and one for each child.

    I think we may need another tree soon!


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