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Welcome to 31 Days of Christmas Traditions.  I hope that you will find other people that have some of the same traditions as your family and maybe find a new one or two to give a try.
Today we are going to talk about elves.  Those little mischievous helpers of Santa.  We all know that they make the gifts and toys and keep Santa on track.  But over the past 5 to 7 years, these little darlings have taken a vacation and have been spotted in families houses during the month of December.  
Quincy taking a bath in colored marshmallows.   And yes - there are Pringles in the bathroom. 
Our family has an Elf Magic Elf.  His name is Quincy.  You can read about his story here.  You can also see some of the things that Quincy has done at our house.  {Even though I have not done a great job of documenting everything on the blog.} Quincy gets a vacation from the North Pole and stays with us until he catches a ride back with Santa on Christmas Eve.  
I also know a lot of people that have Elf on the Shelf.  I think that the main difference is that our elf can be touched.  Most of the people I know with Elf on the Shelf refrain from touching him at all.   
Our elf comes each day during the month of December.  He brings a little gift each day and works as a type of fun advent for us.  And by little, I mean a lot of $1 gifts.  Bubbles, chapstick, Christmas CD's from Dollar General, and candy. He also shows up the craziest places and frequently makes a mess.  Taft looks forward to see him each day.  Quincy even goes on trips with us at times.  
Quincy at the Christmas Tree Farm.  
There are many ways to do this tradition.  Some people are amazingly creative.  Some are simple.  Either way, it is something that the children will remember and may try with their children.  
Here is a link to my Pinterest Board with some ideas that I love.  
Do you have an elf in your family?  Do you have a link to any ideas?  If you do, please leave a link in the comments.

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