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Daily Devotionals are something that many people do daily. Everyone has their favorites and different programs that work for them. Some people like having a physical book to hold and take notes in. Others like to have them delievered right into their email inbox. Me - I like to have them both ways. Getting them online is great since you can access them with most phones and read whenever you like. Waiting in a doctors office or for your children to get finished with sports practice may be the only time you have to spare in the day.
I have noticed that many of my blogging friends do special holiday themed devotionals. I have found two that I would like to do this year. Both on YouVersion. I use the app for my phone and for the view it online at the computer. I would love to make this a tradition for me. I plan on doing Joy! To The World! A Countdown to Christmas and Sounds of Christmas.

Do you have a devotional that you love for the holidays? Any suggestions for my to check out?

And in general, do you have a daily, year long devotioal that you love?

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  1. i love children's books! plus i am am elementary school teacher so i am always on the hunt..and as an Aunt,i love discovering new books :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

    happy weekend!


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