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For today's post, I am going to review a few new Christmas Children's Book that I was lucky enough to receive from NetGalley.

Author - M. Maitland DeLand
Hardcover, 36 pages
Published September 3rd, 2013 by Greenleaf Book Group Press

Descrtiption From Goodreads:
Santa’s reindeer have flown off to have a little fun before Christmas. But who will bring them back to the North Pole in time to help deliver gifts? Why, Baby Santa, of course!
While Santa and the elves hurry to finish making gifts for all the good boys and girls, Baby Santa and Rudolph take flight around the globe to round up the mischievous reindeer.
As the reindeer are collected, one by one, charming illustrations portray how Christmas is celebrated around the world. From fireworks in Brazil to wooden shoes filled with gifts in Paris, Christmas is a time of joy for children on every continent. No wonder the reindeer headed out for some international fun!

My Thoughts:
The first thing that I noticed about this book is that the Santa has an ethnic appearance. I think this is great! I think that it is hard to find books about Santa that look like all children and it will provide a great option.
It is a great story about Baby Santa and Rudolph going around the world in search of the missing reindeer.

Authos - M. Maitland DelandIllustrator - Phil WilsonHardcover, 32 pages
Published September 1st 2010, Greenleaf Book Group

Description From Goodreads:
What in the world is Santa going to do when his sleigh breaks down? The presents are packed up, Santa is ready . . . but where is his magical sleigh? For the first time in history, Santa's sleigh is broken. Santa is grounded on the most important night of the year. How will children around the world get their presents?
Baby Santa, the youngest member of the Claus family, comes to the rescue. With his boundless energy, bright smile, and bouncy enthusiasm, Santa's son hatches a plan to save Christmas and have a traveling adventure at the same time.

My Thoughts:
This was a really cute book about the Santa. Baby Santa is the youngest Santa at the North Pole. Baby Santa helps Santa work out problems in order to deliver the toys to all the children in the world.
Children learn about the magic of Christmas and also about other countries and they types of transportation that is available in those countries. I really loved the story and pictures. Perfect for a read in December.

Author - Alexis York Lombard
Illustrations - Flavia Weedn
Published September 10th 2013

Description From Goodreads:
Did you know that angels of all kinds are everywhere? “Some are big, some are tiny. They're all so bright and very shiny.” This lyrical, breezy, and nondenominational picture book introduces children and adults to a magical place which radiates warmth, love, and caring throughout its colorful and delicate pages. With its rich paintings, readers are transported through many colorful scenes, places and seasons to see how angels work behind the scenes, weaving their graces.

My Thoughts:
I know that this books is not really a Christmas book, but we talk a lot about angels at Christmas. This is sweet book about guardian angels looking over us. The illustrations are bright and colorful. The angels even have colored wings. Not just traditional white and gold. It is also written in a beautiful rhyme. It would be a perfect book year round especially at bedtime.

Author - Richard Thomas Parrette, JR
Illustrations - Muideen Ogunmola
Hardcover, 32 pages
Published august 20th, 2012 byt High Hopes Pulishing LLC

Description from Goodreads:
Christmas is a magical time of the year. Santa’s toy factory builds a lot of toys for children all over the world. His flying reindeer help him deliver all those toys in one night and at every house the kids leave Santa their favorite cookies. Wow! That has to be millions and millions of cookies. Now if elves help build the toys, and flying reindeer get Santa to every house in one night, ever wonder if someone helps him eat all those cookies?

My Thoughts:
This books lets us in on the secret of how Santa can eat all though cookies left out for him in only one night. He has a Cookie Elf that helps him out. How knew that Santa wasn't eating all those cookies himself and it is an elf with a magic tummy. I can't believe I had never asked that question.
The Cookie Elf even adds a few recipes of Santa's favorites so we can all make them for Santa.
The pictures were cute, simple and bright. The story is told very well and with rhyming from page to page. I just may have to use the recipes.

Author, Stephen W. BigaloweBook, 128 pages
Pulished September 21st, 2013 by Profitt Publishing

Description From Goodreads:
Who is Santa? And how did he get to the North pole? Is a delightfully creative and entertaining reading experience guaranteed to make your heart smile. Stephen shares how Santa and Mrs. Claus discovered the mischievous but devoted Elfians, why Santa uses a sleigh and how in the world reindeer learned to fly. How DID Santa and Mrs. Claus get to the North Pole, and what was Elf Norman's big idea? Where did the sweet invention of Candy Canes come from? You will learn how Santa fixed a case of the Grumpies and how the actual North Pole itself was discovered. Throughout the story line are lessons on the value of sharing, teamwork, and treating others well. Parents and Grandparents will find this book will bring families together with fun and laughter, with many nights of happy reading. The book is an 8.5 x 11 format to make 40 plus illustrations more enjoyable for children's viewings.

My Thoughts:
This is a wonderful book for the child that asks questions about Santa. It starts with Santa and Mrs. Claus making candy and toys and ends with them being the people they are today. It answers all those questions about how Santa can get to all the houses in one, how he ended up living in the North Pole, where the elves came from, and more.
A wonderful and enjoyable book for child and parent.

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