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Today was Taft's Open House at his new school. We have decided to send him to the charter school closest to where I work. It is a lot more convenient than the school that we are zoned for, and so far, I think we have made a good choice. It is a little different from our traditional county schools. They have limited bus service, so most children are car riders (which Taft would be at this point no matter where he goes to school). They wear uniforms and have a fairly strict dress code. I love the uniforms options for him and can't wait to order more as the weather changes. We got to met his teacher today. Mrs. Presnell seems great. You can even read a little about her here and see what you think.
She had everything in the classroom so cute. We were greeted by her and a little table with information on it. It looks straight off Pinterest. ;0 I was a impressed and it showed that she put in effort to meeting the students and their parents.

 She also had a photographer there to take a family photo. She explained that the photos would be available for the children in case they are having a bad day. They can take their photo back to the table with them and hold it. Hopefully it will help for little ones that are missing their parents. We had already ordered him some uniforms shirts shirts so we only had to sign up for extended day and then also buy his planner. Each student in the school has the same planner. And I love a good planner. This one is really cute. I love that it has a section to sign that you have read it each day. It is also the place that she will let you know about your childs behavior which I love. Picking him up everyday at Preschool and Pre-K, we went in the school and to his room and we were able to talk to the teacher each afternoon. "Real" school doesn't work that way and I think this is a good alternative to really know what he is doing. Overall - we are looking forward to moving on, but it is also bittersweet since we loved his Preschool.


  1. It sounds like Taft is going to have a great teacher! I love the idea of having a family photo on hand. Such a clever idea!


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