Taft and I went to the city Easter Eggstravaganza.  It is at Town Center every year and the Easter Bunny is always there for pictures.  
This year, they did a little more.  There were food vendors and the fire department was there to teach fire safety.
We decided to do the egg hunt first.  This was really the first year that Taft was completely into getting as many eggs as possible.
 I cannot comment to whether or not Taft had anything to do with the child on the ground.

 Taft was very happy with all the eggs that he found.  He got lots of candy in them.  Since we did the hunt first, we were able to put the basket back in the car before enjoying the other activities. The fist thing that we did was get in line for the Easter Bunny.  Always a favorite of Taft's.
After the Bunny photos, we headed over to the vendors to get the a chocolate milkshake for Taft.
When they headed over to the fire department's set up.  They had a really cute little house where the kids could use the hose to "put out" the fire in the windows.

He also loved having a chance to get in the boots of a real fireman.


  1. Seriously...the child on the ground picture/comment made me laugh out loud. Made me think of a certain first grade Easter egg hunt and one Susan G. ;o)

    Thank you for finally updating your blog. I was having Tafty withdrawals.



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