Santa's Christmas Tree Forest

On December 2nd, we went to the Christmas tree farm.  Last year we found out about
Santa's Christmas Tree Forest in Eustis, Florida, and gave it a try.  We loved it and knew we needed go back every year.  I think that it has started a great tradition for us.  
We don't us a live tree in our family room.  I fell in love with the ease of a tall, skinny, pre-lit tree.  I do love the smell of a real tree and the fun of going to get one.  One day we may go back to one but for now, just Taft has one.
When we arrived, the line for tickets was a little long.  Shane stayed in line while Taft and I got some cotton candy.  We then decided to go ahead and go to the petting zoo area since it doesn't need a ticket.   And who did we run into?  Santa. 
So we decided to have a photo taken and have a little chat before it got busy with other kids.
And here is Taft telling Santa about everything that he wants this year.
Once we got to the petting zoo, the first thing that Taft wanted to see was the bunny.  It was very sweet and soft.  He also got to pet and feed goats, a donkey, chickens, and ducks.  The pony wasn't really wanting to talk to anyone.

And one got a little too happy and knocked Taft over.

He also got to ride a horse and that was so much fun.  Taft said that it was "huge".
One of Taft's favorite things to do last year, and again this year, was the little Reindeer Train.  He rode it three times.
After all that fun, we all went out to find the perfect tree for Taft.  It really didn't take him very long.
And I was more than happy to cut it down for him.
Quincy went along for the day too.  He rode in the backpack and helped us collect pieces of all the types of trees at the farm.  Taft loved the way that they felt so we decided to let him take them into school for all the kids in his class to see.
We had a great time and got his perfect tree home.  Then all we had to do was get it up and decorated.

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